Quickdraw v3 LED Micro USB Cable

We took our amazingly popular Quickdraw cable and made it even better with updated electronics, mirror logos and a smarter looking shape.

It still lets you know when your phone is charged, incorporates a reversible USB, built to be super tough, comes with a magnetic cable tidy, looks amazing and is backed with a lifetime warranty. Beat that Apple!!!

Time to banish those cheap cables that always fail when you really need them. Put some style into your daily charging routine.

Combining more functions and features than any other charging cable out there. Treat your device to some charging love!

- LED charging light, know when your battery is at 100%
- Reversible USB, plug it in first time everytime
- Magnetic cable tidy 
- Crafted sand blasted anodised aluminium 
- Woven braided cable.
- Super strong and durable
- Mirror etched graphics 
- Lifetime guarantee